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I had some of my best times with my friend's at Pan Am. When we had a tough week, we'd fly First Class to Europe or the Caribbean for the weekend.     Almost every weekend.     For 3 years!      You Couldn't Beat The Experience....



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I worked in Building's 213 and 67.  Building 67 was on a direct approach to runway 27L.  Interesting on a windy day. 

             Pan Am building 213 - December 1988   Watching the Concorde land near my office @ JFK    TWA L1011 landing   

Important meetings......

  Choir practice at Bubbles, 1989      Joe, me, Joe and John with Bob Jones at his retirement,  Sept 1990      With Frank @ Bob Jones retirement         John, Joe & Greg - Xmas 1989 in Rockleigh NJ      Me & John in a 747 - Feb, 1990

Some First Class "non-revenue" travel.......

September 1988 - Stopped in Munich and Oktoberfest on the way to Carole's school in London. 

Joe & Carole like our ride in Munich, Sept 16, 1988         Greg, Joe, Sue, Marie & Carole - Oktoberfest in Munich             in Munich w Carole, Joe, Greg & Sue         Greg, Joe & Sue cry in their beer @ Octoberfest    

July 1989 - Joe and I go to West Berlin to train their operations center on a new system we enhanced.....we're there just 4 months before the Berlin Wall is taken down

                Joe & I stumble upon a clown car in in Berlin - July 12, 1989       Joe & I in Berlin - July 1989     The Berlin wall from the East German side - thru Checkpoint Charlie.

October 1989 - Mike and I head to Paris.

  Mike @ that train stop - Paris, Oct 1989        Mike and me in Paris - Oct 7, 1989

November 1989 - Time to hit Amsterdam.

   on the train from London       Glenn makes a friend in a coffeeshop

January 1990 -  The whole gang heads to Rome for dinner.......

     St. Peter's Square - Jan 20, 1990      @ Francesco Perelli restaurant       Atop St. Peter's Basilica      Glenn, Wendell, Curtis and Jane @ Spanish Steps     Near St Peter's      Papal Residence from atop St. Peter's Basilica      Heading home

March 1990 -  I head to Las Vegas on my 30th birthday to play softball for Pan Am 

    On the way to Vegas on my 30th birthday      in Las Vegas, March 1990     The  Pan Am softball team "We ain't scared"

May 1990 - Barbados was calling our name. 

         Who's ready for the Jolly Roger cruise?       on the Jolly Roger, Barbados - May 19, 1990 

The following week, off to Madrid since First Class was wide open.

       Madrid, May 25, 1990       in Madrid Club, May 27, 1990  

November 1990 -  No year is complete without seeing Hawaii.

          Me, Sara, Mike & Sungkey in Honolulu    Mike & Sungkey enjoying First Class- Nov 18, 1990  

January 1991 -  Mike and I go through Berlin after the wall is down to Zurich 

         Mike and I @ Brandenburg Gate, Berlin - January 6, 1991       Me & Mike One in Zurich 

February 1991 -  My last trip with friends is to Rio.

           This is the bar where "The Girl from Ipanema" was written        

March 1991 -  I reluctantly say farewell to my Pan Am family.

            Farewell lunch - March 1991

    Click to hear Pan Am announcing it has suspended service - December 4, 1991

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