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Sun-Vet Mall, LI - Summer 2000.  The original Batmobile was built by the Barris family from a 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car.   This was a reproduction built by Andy Perillo.

Batmobile - front.jpg (96525 bytes)    Batmobile - left front.jpg (91149 bytes)    Batmobile - interior.jpg (81773 bytes)    Batmobile - rear.jpg (86673 bytes)    Batmobile - wheel.jpg (82937 bytes)    Batmobile @ Sunset Mall.jpg (97815 bytes)    Batmobile & Ghostbusters.jpg (90125 bytes)


The original Ghostbuster's ambulance, built by the same Barris family

    Ghostbusters ambulance.jpg (72332 bytes)    Ghostbusters - rear.jpg (81936 bytes)

The Barris family also built many Hollywood cars, including...