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Career Highlights and Innovations

2011  - Selected to direct the CA Technologies Customer Success Team in NY, which is driven to improve the experience our customers and partners have with our solutions and services. We do this by ensuring positive outcomes that maximize the value our solutions provide to customers while continuously improving the speed, efficiency and effectiveness with which we address their underlying needs and enable them to achieve their business goals. 


2010  - Joined the Global Customer Success Enablement team, developing and refining programs and processes that helped accelerate the adoption of our technology and unlock the value of our solutions - improving customer satisfaction and time to value.


2008 -2009 - Selected to lead a team of sales professionals, directing field activity and internal resources for critical accounts in the U.S. to ensure retention and expansion of the client base; Presented CA's Mainframe 2.0 initiative internally and to major accounts; Chosen to help produce and participate in several sales Best Practice training video's used globally by CA's Mainframe Business Unit. 

April 2009 - Received the CA Above and Beyond Award for Best Practice Video from the CA Chief Learning Office 


2005-2007 - Selected to lead a sales enablement Task Force and direct Mainframe Pre-Sales activity in the Northeast and Canada.  Delivered CA's Mainframe Strategy presentation to clients and internal staff at forums in the U.S., Canada and Europe. 


December 2005 - Recipient of the CEO's Employee Recognition Award
Consistently received the highest ranking from clients and new hire internal training classes
2005 - At the request of senior management to craft an introduction to the mainframe, created “Mainframe Elements” – a multi-media look at the history & terminology of computing, from mainframe to PC.
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2004 - Selected to lead a Task Force of pre-sales, development and marketing staff to defend and grow install base of Mainframe Testing and Fault Management Solutions

2002 - Founded the “Dinosaur Club”,  a CA group dedicated to mainframe pre-sales activities and best practice sharing


2001 - Developed CA's first "Mainframe Health Check", an innovative interview process designed to match CA Mainframe solutions to client needs. 


2000 - Winner of a global competition held by the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Worldwide Marketing for most creative PowerPoint presentation


1992-1999 Consistently among the highest ranked pre & post-sales consultant’s, supporting a national telesales group. Promoted to Technical Director in 1997
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Selected by the CEO to be a Technology Advisor for the "CEO Workshops" held at the New York Stock Exchange, working one-on-one to teach CEO’s, CIO’s and other Senior Executives the use of PC's and technology

                                                                            CEO Technolgy Retreat - Badge.JPG (109205 bytes)


January 15,1997     -  The New York Stock Exchange - Trained NYSE Group EVP of Regulation, Edward A. Kwalwasser

March 17, 1997       -  The New York Stock Exchange - Trained CEO of Royal Appliances/Dirt Devil, Michael J. Merriman

May 22, 1997         -  The New York Stock Exchange -Trained Chief Executive of Key Food Stores, Allen Newman

June 17, 1997        -  The New York Stock Exchange -  Trained Chairman & Chief Executive of Florida Progress Corp., Jack B. Critchfield

October 28-31 1998    -  The Phoenician, Scottsdale Arizona - Trained CEO of Fresh Express Salads Steve Taylor, HomeBanc of   

                                                                                                             Atlanta  President & CEO Patrick S. Flood;  & several others.

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Glenn w Richard Grasso @ NYSE - Jan1997.JPG (88018 bytes)   January 1997 - Greeting the Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange Dick Grasso

Jack Lord letter via Doc Buyers.JPG (288026 bytes)  June 1997 - I met and worked with J.W. "Doc" Buyers, the Chairman and CEO of Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut company in Hawaii.  A  delightful man to speak with, he was just getting started learning PC's.  During our conversation, I mentioned that I was a huge fan of (the original) Hawaii Five-O TV show with Jack Lord.  As it turns out, he was a close friend of his, so I asked him if he wouldn't mind forwarding a letter from me to him.  I had heard that he was ill with Alzheimer's disease, so I wanted to write him how much I enjoyed his show when I was a boy.  Doc was most kind to forward my note to Jack Lord, who received it just 6 months before he died.  


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2008 - August 22 - Oil Can Boyd & Glenn McDonald @ Fenway Park (2b).jpg (3609932 bytes)   August 22, 2008 - with Oil Can Boyd @ Boston's Fenway Park's EMC Club

Carlton Fisk - CA @ SHARE, Boston - August 23, 2005 - 2.JPG (28837 bytes)  August 2005 - with Carlton Fisk at IBM's  SHARE Conference, Boston

SHARE - August 2005 - Carlton Fisk & Glenn McDonald - 4.JPG (585274 bytes)   

5_1_2002 - Charles Wang, Glenn, Sanjay Kumar - 10 Years @ CA.JPG (77293 bytes)  May 2002 - My 10 Year Anniversary award with Computer Associates. 

Glenn w Johnny Bench - CEO Retreat, Scottdsdale - Oct98.JPG (138296 bytes)  October 1998 - with Johnny Bench @ The Phoenician CEO Retreat, Scottsdale AZ

CAWorld - August 25, 1996.JPG (15944 bytes)  August 1996 - with  General Colin Powell at CA World, New Orleans


Early Experience

(Computer Associates acquires On-Line Software International - September, 1991)

March 1991           Sales support representative, On-Line Software International

January 1990         Executive Information Systems development for Pan American World Airways  

December 1987     Flight Operation Systems development for Pan American World Airways  

June 1986             COBOL application development, North Atlantic Life Insurance

1983-1986            Computer operations lead, Publisher's Clearing House & King Kullen Grocery Company