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One of my passions is to create movie tributes for my family.  It all started with Zachary's Movie, choreographing pictures to one of my favorite songs.   Wherever possible, I try to synchronize the words of the song to the picture being shown.  

Sometimes, I just get lucky and it all falls into place.

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 Zach - Winter, 2003.jpg (82801 bytes)   Zachary's Movie         for Barbara's 40th birthday, 1999

Scott cruises in the Jeep.jpg (230395 bytes)  Scott's Movie                   for Barbara, Christmas 2003

Tom the skipper -2.JPG (62986 bytes)  Dad's Movie                    in memory of Dad, created April 2004

 Gloria, George, Carrie with Tom in his 57 Olds.jpg (150099 bytes)  Mom's Movie                  for Mom, Mother's Day 2004

 Summerfield Childcare - 1.JPG (91314 bytes)   Summerfield Movie         for Zachary and Scott (and Summerfield Childcare)  June 2004

Karen - BW.JPG (66696 bytes)   Karen's Movie                  for Karen's 50th Birthday, March 2005

May 20, 1995 - 1st dance to Power Of Love by Celine Dion.JPG (101914 bytes)  Glenn & Barbara's Movie    for our 10 Year Anniversary, May 2005

Tommy - CD Cover - Sepia.JPG (17430 bytes)   Tommy's Movie                in memory of Cousin Tommy, January 2006

John on the boat - DVD pic.JPG (103338 bytes)  John's Movie                     in memory of Brother-in-Law John, February 2006

Jessica's Movie - DVD Picture.JPG (118462 bytes)  Jessica's Movie                  for niece and Godchild Jessica, Christmas 2006

Steven's Journey - DVD Cover.JPG (215996 bytes)  Steven's Journey at Fifty    for Cousin Steven's 50th Birthday, March 2007

Diana's Movie - DVD Cover picture.JPG (94636 bytes)  Diana's Movie                   for Cousin Diana's Sweet Sixteen, August 2007

DSC08010b.jpg (107365 bytes)  Uncle Frank on WW II       Uncle Frank remembers his service in World War II - August 2007

Mom's 80th - DVD Picture.jpg (142347 bytes)  Happy 80th Mom       for Mom's 80th birthday, September 2008


Margie & Jim's Movie - DVD Cover.jpg (264248 bytes)  Margie & Jim's Movie     In memory of Aunt Margie & Uncle Jim, March 2009


 Barbara's Movie - DVD Cover.jpg (195506 bytes)  Barbara's Movie    for Barbara's 50th birthday, August 2009


   Sachem Robotics - Shakedown 2014 - Suffield CT    February 2014


Gloria P. McDonald - formal portrait - circa late 40's.jpg (3349835 bytes)    Mom's Tribute Movie    in memory of Mom, created March 2014