Dad - Chapter I

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 Dad was born the second of 5 children in Brooklyn, NY, on May 11, 1918



This was one of Dadís favorite pictures of he and sister Florrie



He often told stories about growing up in the Depression - selling pretzels for a nickel, shining shoes, anything to help the family. By all accounts, he had a challenging, yet fulfilling and fun childhood. He excelled in school, and was always looking out for his siblings Ė Florrie, Frank, David and Margie



Hereís Dad in Uncle Frankís police uniform with Florrie, looking like they came straight out of "The Little Rascals"


Dadís First Holy Communion - circa 1926


David, Margie and dog Peggy with Dad on Uncle Billís stoop in Glendale, Queens


Dad was voted best dressed in school, and took great pride in his appearance throughout his life

Dadís on Menahan Street, looking towards Cypress Avenue


Looking like a modern day ad ahead of its time, Dad poses in front of his first apartment on Putnam Avenue, Brooklyn.


On Menahan St, with St. Brigid's school in rear, where David and Margie attended





Dad was awarded one of the first 5 year scholarships to New York University upon graduation from Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School